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Finally these pages are open! My dream is to encourage every piano teacher in the world to compose with their students! After finding a passion from composing myself, my students have made compositions and I have seen the joy and enforcement composing has given to them. My students say that they love composing, because they are the ones that decides, how music continues. They can freely express themselves and there’s no rules. The music they make is amazing and they hear it too. I love seeing the happiness and feelings of success from my students expressions when they realize that they have a lot of musical ideas and that they can create something that haven’t existed ever before.

I’ve had quite big challenges during this journey to make these pages. Last spring I hurt my hand really severely. A hand surgeon had to operate the fourth finger of my hand and there wasn’t guarantee, that I will be able to play the piano properly again. Luckily everything went right and my hand is healing perfectly. I can play the piano again, teach and I have been able to complete these pages. I can exercise in a gym and do handicrafts.

They say that you’ll realize the value of something, when you loose it. That happened to me also. I have always loved playing the piano, but I haven’t realized how important part of who I am, it is. It is a major part of my identity and my passion. I love music, arts, teaching and composing. If I am able to get my living from that my whole life, I couldn’t be happier.

I hope, you get joy to your students and to your work from these composing tasks I have made. And I hope you will leave a comment to my blog, if it inspires you discussing about these subjects. Let’s stay polite and honor each others. Every teacher has his or her own way of doing things and that is richness we can all enjoy.   

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