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Spring plans

What are your plans for this spring? Are you starting any fun projects with your students? What are your plans for yourself?

The spring semester has started again and for my students it means focusing also on composing. The intention is to release an online concert again this spring where my students will perform their compositions made this school year. Hopefully the current Covid-19 situation will ease and my students will be able to perform their compositions in live concerts in the spring as well. You can listed to my students previous YouTube concerts of new compositions from my YouTube channel, Uutta luoden is an online concert from last spring and Luovuudesta lentoon is a concert from spring 2020.

I composed a miniature musical last fall and we are practicing the songs now. In April we have a workshop week in our school and the plan is to keep rehearsals of the musical there and perform it in the end of that week. This is a really fun project and exciting too. I’m going to tell more about it this spring.

Because of this Covid 19 pandemic we haven’t played much chamber music recently and my students are eager to play with other students again. Of course, there’s a risk that this pandemic situation goes worse and in online teaching chamber music rehearsals are really difficult to implement. But I’m trusting that we don’t have to go back to online teaching again. People are vaccinated three times now and our country is opening little by little. Some of my students are playing chamber music with other instruments in my musical, others are playing piano pieces for four hands.

And of course, we are studying solo pieces also. Some of my students are playing their own concerts as a final exam of their studies. So there really is quite a lot going on. I have a feeling that this spring is going to be great!

At my personal life there’s a lot going on also. I compose, of course and take composing lessons. A couple weeks ago I started studying Digital marketing at Oulu University of applied science. Digital marketing is a really unknown area for me so there’s a lot to learn. In May I’m keeping a concert with my musician friends. I have composed lied music and we are performing many of my songs there along with other composers lied music. That project is going to be so fun!

We have season tickets to Oulu Symphony. Unfortunately, all the concerts have been canceled in January because of the Covid 19 situation, but I’m hoping we are able to go to concerts again in February.

I’m also going to develop these pages and write this blog. I will also make videos of my compositions to my YouTube channel. Here’s a list of my piano music in YouTube and here you can listen to some of my lied music.

In addition to culture, work and study projects I’m going to spend time with my family, take long walks with my dog and do workouts at the gym.

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