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Inspiring tasks for composing

A number of students have had joy and feelings of success with our composing tasks

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to share your students compositions, get more ideas and discuss about composing and teaching in a closed group


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Join our course and start composing with your students with these inspiring composing tasks which are easy to use and modify to the right level to every student


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What are you dreaming of? Where do your dreams come from? Are they based on a materialistic need: a bigger home or a better car, or do you want a new person in your life to share your daily life? Do you dream of pampering yourself on a holiday trip or exceeding yourself in some mental or physical challenge? Do …

15 reasons to compose with students

1. This is pretty obvious: Composing unleashes creativity. There are no rules when composing, and the student can produce any kind of music he or she likes. 2. Composing helps the student understand how music is created: The process of creating it, developing and finishing it, acquiring ideas and working on them. 3. Composing brings the great composers of music …